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Certified Translations Accepted by UK Universities and Colleges

UK Universities and Colleges often ask for certified translation of diploma, degree if these documents are not in English languages. EU students in the UK offers verified translation service into English for any documents concerning the university application. 

We offer to translate documents to English from over 35 languages, which include:

Arabic French Polish
Bengali German Portuguese
Bosnian Greek Punjabi
Bulgarian Hindi Romanian
Catalan Hungarian Russian
Croatian Italian Slovak
Czech Japanese Slovenian
Danish Korean Spanish
Dutch Latin Swedish
Estonian Latvian Thai
Farsi Lithuanian Turkish
Finnish Norwegian Ukrainian

EU students in the UK can guarantee a quote of your documents within 12h hours of the receipt of the documents and we generally deliver the files translated in 48h (excluding weekends and bank holidays). 

Some of the documents that we can translated and deliver in 48h:

  • Secondary school qualification (e.g. Licenza di Terza Media,  Certificate Escola Secundária, Graduado en Educación Secundaria, etc. )
  • High school diploma (e.g. Diploma di stato, Bachillerato, Título de Bachiller, Diploma de Ensino Secundário, Diploma de Bacalaureat, Apolytirion of Geniko Lykeio etc.)
  • Diploma supplement and transcript
  • Reference letter 
  • Bank statements
  • Sponsorship letter

If you would like to receive a quote within 12 hours, please send us an email to

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